Sometimes you gotta admit that a blog is a blog and nothing more.
I'm going fishing.


Majestic-12 (MJ-12)

Whats crazier, to believe in angels and heaven and a son of god that was crucified and brought back to life, the devil and hell and a concept of worship me or you will spend eternity in damnation. Or that there is life beyond earth, wether its on another planet or another dimension. This video will creep you out. the call at the end is shocking. Shit is real.




Courtesy of Big Osk.


Our Favorite Beardo

Since Jay Brown couldnt hack the Gabe Clement beard bet of $100.00 for six months of beardery, Justin had to step up and make the sacrifice for glory and one hundred dollars.
So from the beginning of October until April 1st Justin stuck with the mangy look of a hobo. This stuck through Christmas, New Years, Family Day, Valentines Day, Earth Day, St Patricks Day, and finally ended on April Fools Day. Which given the end date could have been the perfect invitation to screw him out of his money and leave him bearded and dejected.
But you gotta hand it to him, he really did it.
For one hundred dollars.

Thanks Jeff Comber for the step by step photos.



Bruce Lee.
Gawdamm nun-chuks!


This Movie wasn't so bad.


Tjaden Brewer. Winning.

Dancing in the Streets


Green Mind

General tips for henchmen of all varieties:
  • Avoid getting sent to rough up the hero(es). Ransacking hotel rooms is probably safe, but going 'round to beat up the good guys is a sure ticket to the bottom of the Thames. Remember, however, that all Heroes get roughed up at least once, so if this has never happened to the Hero, go for it!
  • When the hero or his sidekicks are at your mercy, don't stop to gloat.
  • If you can't resist gloating, don't boast about the reward you expect to receive from your master for bringing them in or killing them off.
  • If you gloat and boast, don't be surprised if a comrade of the person you have at your mercy jumps you from behind while you're distracted with your boasting.
  • If you fail to complete your mission, skip town. Returning to the Evil Overlord to report on your failure will usually get you killed.
  • Avoid killing people not actively involved in the rebellion, the Evil Overlord has enough enemies as it is. Especially don't kill relatives, significant others, or best friends of the hero. Normally after the Evil Overlord is overthrown, henchmen can get off with a few hundred hours of community service, but if you off the Hero's loved ones, he'll make lasagna out of you.
  • Unless the Evil Overlord pays extra for indiscriminate slaughter, avoid it. Why should you give your services away for free?
  • As tempting as it may be, never try to ravish the Evil Overlord's beautiful-but-wicked daughter. She can probably mop the floor with you. Daddy will not try to stop her.
  • Learn where the trap door is in the Evil Overlord's audience chamber. Avoid standing there, especially when bad news is brought to the Evil Overlord.
  • While the Evil Overlord is gloating over his anticipated success in the venture he is about to launch, it is considered impolite to ask "And if you fail?" You probably won't be flogged, maimed, or killed for your temerity, but why risk it?
  • As soon as the evil lord has the hero in his power, seek the nearest available escape route. The fewmets are about to hit the windmill.
  • Learn to distinguish Heroes from Sidekicks. Heroes are usually taller and more somber, while Sidekicks dress with more flair and tell more jokes. Taking on the Hero when you only have enough manpower/firepower to take on the Sidekick will earn you an all-expenses-paid trip on Stygian Cruise Lines.
  • Never allow yourself to be provoked into doing anything stupid by insults from the Hero or Sidekicks.
  • No matter how attractive the captured heroine is or how seductively she bats her eyes, she really does not want to sleep with you. Do not unlock the cell door.
  • If the heroes give you a chance to surrender or flee, take it.
  • If you surrender to the Hero, don't try to stab him when his back is turned; the Sidekick will get you first.
  • If the seemingly helpless person you have just cornered is confident and unafraid despite being outnumbered and surrounded, you have encountered a Hero in disguise. Run while you still can.
  • If the Hero you are sent after dresses entirely in black, he is even more dangerous than the Evil Overlord suspects; double all requisitions for men and firepower.
  • Practice your "accidental" sword/gun dropping technique. It's the only thing that can save you when the hero is winning.
  • When you have someone at gunpoint and that person says "you haven't got the guts to kill me," prove him/her wrong.
  • The Evil Overlord will not risk his life to save yours. Why risk yours for him?
  • If the Hero is using you as a human shield and the Evil Overlord asks you if the Doomsday Weapon is prepared, say "no."
  • If the Evil Overlord orders you to kill some prisoners and then departs for business elsewhere, leave as quickly as possible; there is about to be a successful rescue attempt.
  • Never wear gender-inappropriate underwear if swords are common. The Hero will slice your suspenders, causing your pants to fall and exposing you to ridicule.
  • Never allow yourself to be turned into a vicious, ravening beast to defeat the Hero. It never works, and you girlfriend will not understand. She will dump you for one of the Good Guys.
  • Never hold hostages at point blank range. Anyone quick enough to even back into the role of Hero can punch you out faster than you can pull the trigger.
  • When disposing of bodies, dump them in the Evil Overlord's territory, and not in neighboring lands presently outside of his control.
  • Find out where the Evil Overlord has installed the self-destruct switch for his secret base (the real switch, not the decoy), and disable it at the first opportunity. The base will get blown up anyway, but your chances of escaping are better.
  • Don't let the Evil Overlord use you as a lab animal.
  • If you can't avoid being used as a guinea pig by the Evil Overlord, any powers you gain from the experiment will make it needful for the Hero to kill you at some point during the Heroic Struggle. Change sides and take your just revenge.
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The Ghost of Kurt Cobain

Tiger blood
Mild concern without getting involved.

Bottle of wisers
Eastern European mail order brides.
Johnny Grieco.


BMW is from outerspace?
They must have some skrull technology or something, I think this is made of vibranium.


"Way to breathe, no breath"


Beasley Bruyns VS. the Boston Bruins.

One half of the powerhouse known as the Bruyns is running a tight blog over HERE.
Dan Bruyn went to school in Westdale and once rocked a chain, and Tim boots. Therefore hes got my vote as a certified fashion legend.

BLUETILE LOUNGE at the Girl park.


MF and MG sight seeing in the Hills of Beverly.


Bone Thugs & Harmony annnnnd Phil Collins


Singing along to Mortals playlist.


Grown Ups.

Guess who just got their drivers license.
Paul Liliani is now a grown ass man.
Doing things like a grown ass man.
Expect big things from this modern executive.
Now that he can drive cars legally, whats next? Mergers? Takeovers? Property Development? Hiring? Firing? BUY BUY BUY! SELL SELL SELL!
Buy low, sell high, thats Pauls motto.


Above is last years SOTY predictions by a handful of homies that frequent Supra on Friday afternoons and so on. In total we had nine people throw three guesses each into the mix with a cost of $10.00 per entrant.
Although this was done pre-Stay Gold, the predictions were pretty safe, with a few hilarious candidates thrown in to make it interesting. No Disrespect intended to any of the obvious no chancers, but you know they were never in the running.
So heres how it breaks down:
Big Osk:
  • Brandon Westgate
  • Leo Romero
  • Grant taylor.
Sean Mo:
  • Heath
  • Leo
  • Busenitz
Nathan Olokun:
  • Chris Pfanner
  • Busenitz
  • Leo
Jeff Comber:
  • Pfanner
  • Leo
  • Torey
Justin Czank:
  • Eli Reed
  • Torey
  • Heath
Geoff Smith:
  • Busentiz
  • Leo
  • Baxter-neil
Mikey Wenham:
  • Torey
  • Sheckler
  • Shane O'Neil
Greg Boudreau:
  • Leo
  • Torey
  • Heath
Marco Feller:
  • Vincent Alvarez
  • Andrew Allen
  • Sean Malto
So its pretty clear most of us knew who was up in the mix to win it. Some of us were really far off, Justins pick of Eli Reed no matter how well intentioned is an unlikely winner. I don't think an AM has ever gotten a SOTY, so Chris Pfanner is pretty far fetched. Silas getting a second SOTY? thats a crazy one, dunno how you came up with that one Geoff. Mikeys Sheckler is also controversial but this was selected when there was a chance to PlanB video was gonna be released, so I think he was trying to be strategic. Noticeably missing was no P-Rod, no one thought he was good enough to win a SOTY?
In the end everyone was supposed to put in $10.00 and if one of your three won SOTY you got a piece of the pot, well nine people played at $10.00 a person, six selected Leo so there is $15 owed, however no one actually paid.
We are gonna do it again this year with bets opening up June 1st. I'll put my early predictions up in February cause I don't give a rats ass.
  1. Quim Cardona
  2. Gino Iannucci
  3. Julien Stranger


Wow. This is tight. Say what you want about Famous being a kooky deal, Javier is tops.


We gots a Ping Pong club coming to Toronto, and only about two blocks from FFF HQ.
See the article HERE.
Apparently this thing was started by Susan Sarandon, who as we all know was a big time actress with her role in Bull Durham. A film about a baseball team or something, they may have been called the Durham Bulls? Minor League baseball movies are hella depressing. Losers never made it to the big leagues.
The website HERE.
Memberships are $400 a year for the first 200 signups and $500 a year after that. I do like playing PP a great deal. But do I want to get my ass whopped on a regular basis?


Biebel is R&B smooth - By Tim Savas by biebelsworld


What happens in Vegas...

Joey Fatone from some boy band hosts the price is right with our favorite current Oakville resident Kevin Wong aka Wongneto.

JJJ practices taking down looters in the aftermath of the 2012 world collapse.



Pat and I are fucking famous.
Sometime in August at the Elephant Direct Premiere.


The world keeps waiting for Big Osk to put out this video.


Winter doesn't last forever.
We'll be throwing up gang signs soon enough.


The Big Time

My photo of the Quietlife Ping Pong balls made it to the new artdump site. I'm still uncredited though, but its a start of a new life as a photographer!


New York, Jan 29 (ANI): A woman from Los Angeles has reportedly filed a 1- trillion-dollar lawsuit against music mogul Diddy, claiming that he is responsible for the September 11 attacks.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks also accused Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter and police brutality victim Rodney King of somehow being responsible for the collapse of the World Trade Center.

After they "knocked down the WTC" she wrote, the three came and "knocked my children down."

Turks also added that Diddy stole a poker chip worth "100 zillions of dollars" that she won in a Mississippi casino and later gave it away to someone else.

She further claimed she once dated Diddy and that the 41-year-old rapper is the father of her 23-year-old son.

She is petitioning for 900 billion dollars in child support. The other 100 billion dollars she is seeking is for "loss of income," reports the New York Post.

A Los Angeles judge denied her request for a restraining order against Diddy, but set a hearing for Jan 31. (ANI)

source here

411VM #8. Used to watch the shit out of this thing. The song is a winner, the team was mint with the exception of Jason Ellis who doesn't do it for me.
Lil Stevie, Andy Stone, Billy Pepper and of course Pepe. This set me up for Capital proper like.

And since we are speaking on the subject, this is up there with dynamic urban skating. His style is bulletproof, if he skated any more loose his arms would fall off.

Good interview with Noah T over at Nicky Youngs blog Here.

"Michael Billington Hairy".

Key words used on Google that led people to FFF. Nothing shocking here, I'm sure a few came up while folks were searching for themselves on the internet. No biggie, I done it, so have you. The only weird part here is number 24.
"Michael Billington Hairy".


This is a key part of understanding Babylon. Notice the metamorphosis into the cobra? Thats unacceptable.

This looks like a video of montreal and Hamilton, with some good homies, including Justin Czank, our fearless fashion leader and resident beardo.

Dog People

Sure, your dog keeps the letter wielding postman from attacking, but would he take a bullet on your behalf?

Dog owner Osmar Persisco of Garibaldi, Brazil, knows the answer is “yes” after his pet Max leapt to defend him from armed robbers, taking three bullets along the way.

Persisco was parking his truck near Max’s favourite field when two armed robbers approached him and demanded the keys to his vehicle.

Persisco resisted and the thieves opened fire, drawing blood after grazing the 47-year-old’s forehead with a bullet.

That’s when Max lost his cool.

“He saw the blood and was furious,” Persisco told Brazilian newspaper Globo. “He left like a rocket to attack the thieves. One of them ran away, but Max dominated the other one. To defend himself, the thief ended up shooting the dog. Max thwarted the assault and saved my life.”

Max was hit twice in his chest and once in his leg, but by then he had scared off the potential thieves.

Persisco rushed the heroic pet he had adopted three years earlier to his local vet. Max is expected to make a full recovery.

“If I didn’t have my dog around, they would have killed me,” Persisco told the paper. “He’s my hero.”



San Francisco Remix Part Two from Green Apple on Vimeo.

I don't like hearing depressing shit about no name dickheads.


Shakespeare said," to thine own self be true"..........-Appleyard said, "fuck you all, all of you"


Since its the stupidest winter of my life the posts keep getting farther and farther apart.
and its not like I'm getting any help from people in warmer climates that actually leave their homes to do things.
And then I had a serious weekend, I can barely walk from the stupid stuff I stupidly did. The usual Fast Food Friday became a Fast Food Fortyeight Hours.
I've been posting photos even more randomly over here.


I definitely saw a lot of this at the tradeshow this year.
Sunglasses will only get you so far on planet earth before you need something with an adjustable strap.


Happy New Year from all of us at FFF.


Street Feet

FFF Affiliates Rob Carley and Duncan (no last name needed obviously) have parts in the Street Feet video. Funny ass dudes. Check how many different cities these guys skate, all around the damn world. Passport stamps are one of the only things worth collecting.



Supra Crail Complete High Ollie Contest.

Kevin Britton
Mo Green
Pat LaFrenchname Winning Ollie.
Photos: Louis Feller